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Are you ready to transform your online teaching approach from ordinary to extraordinary? Dive deep into the world of effective course design with Onlea's exclusive Online Teaching 101 - Webinar Bundle. In just 30 minutes, gain access to the invaluable insights and tools that have propelled our courses to award-winning status.

Discover proven strategies:

Delve into a treasure trove of knowledge curated by Onlea's CEO & LX expert, Adriana Lopez Forero. Learn how to captivate your audience using narrative techniques borrowed from film, television, and video games. Uncover the power of gamification and pedagogy, seamlessly integrated to revolutionize your online teaching experience.

Included in this Webinar Bundle:

  • Online Teaching 101 webinar slides

  • The beginner’s guide to filming yourself with no budget

  • Video engagement best practices

  • Course content planning template

  • Video script template

Course Content

    1. Online Teaching with Adriana Lopez Forero

    2. Online Teaching 101 Webinar Slides

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